Visiting the Poet Laureate of TN

In Nov 2022, while visiting Bell Buckle, TN, I introduced my friends Don and Marsha Cain to Margaret B. (Maggie) Vaughn, Poet Laureate of Tennessee (since 1996). Marsha read a few of her own poems to her and received the highest compliment. Maggie said Marsha writes like her, for the common people, with poetry easy…
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Book Review – John L.

“Reading this book was an experience I wholly enjoyed. Everything that happened in it stuck in my head the whole time. And it’s hard to believe at first, but the thought of it just gives me chills every time I read them again. I still don’t get why most people are sleeping on this one.…
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Book Review – Laura P.

“I wonder how great God’s love is to humanity that He gave up His own Son, and He is now sharing His beautiful kingdom with us humans, sinners, and those who have fallen. This book simply epitomized the whole story of redemption. It gives me a new perspective, not just about the physical nature of…
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Book Review – Luna W.

“Heaven Is Like Eternal Sex by Mr. Jim Sandman comes with an enthralling concept, excitement, adventure, and joy in this new paradise. It arouses the basic idea that there is hope beyond the pain and struggles in this world. The collections of stories about heaven from the people with a near-death experience and the bible…
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Submarine Documentary DVD

In 2016, I was one of 15 submariners interviewed for this documentary released Feb 16 that year. “Submariners – the Men of the Silent Service – From Diesel to Nuclear” Produced by Tony Rollo. Learn more and order DVD here:

Mark Twain – 2nd Cousin

Samuel Clemens had a g-grandfather from Kentucky named William Montgomery (1727-1780), who is my 6th great-grandfather. This makes me a 2nd cousin (5x removed) of Mark Twain, which – with a dollar – might buy me a little gas for my car. Twain’s writings are enjoyed by many, and his humurous quips are some of…
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Book Review – William S.

“What a profound book to read about heaven and beyond. You don’t have to be a Christian in order to appreciate this book, which, like any great work of Christian books, can change your worldview. It’s so heartwarming to learn that there is a place beyond what our eyes can see and what our ears…
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Book Review – Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars This is an enjoyable, thought provoking read. Reviewed in the United States on December 25, 2019   “I really appreciated this book. It helped bring me some peace over a lost loved one. The references are greatly appreciated. I had no idea so many people have published their near death experiences. I…
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Book Review – Aidenn W.

 “There is something about this book that’s just irresistible. From the moment I read the first word, I haven’t put down the book until the end of the story. Even as I write this review, I am still in the state of astonishment that I never thought I’d feel if I ever finished this book.…
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Book Review – Noah B.

“This is the book that I will never forget. Not often will you find a book that really speaks through you and piques your interests. And as for me, that book is this. This is undoubtedly a masterpiece. At first, I thought of this book as sarcasm of some sort because of the title. But…
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