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About Jim Sandman

About Jim Sandman – James Alan Sandman was born in Richmond, VA (1956), third of four sons. After attending Middlesex H.S. (Saluda, VA) and graduating from Lafayette H.S. (Williamsburg, VA), he served in the U.S. Navy Submarine Service for twenty years, retiring as a Chief Fire Control System Technician (Torpedo/Missile) in 1997, having served on…
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Great for gifts of any occasion. To buy a signed copy, contact me with your mailing address, and we’ll work out payment method (check, money order, Venmo, etc). $14, plus $4 shipping (if not local delivery).

About Jim Sandman’s Devotional Book – “Heaven Is Like Eternal Sex”

“Jim Sandman’s creativity takes us way beyond… …the eye-catching title of this book. As I read through these pages, I was drawn deeper into a beautiful and encouraging vision of what is real and lasting; to the kind of hope we all desperately need in this world of confusing and disappointing counterfeits.” – Peter Schmidt,…
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