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Great for gifts of any occasion.

To buy a signed copy, contact me with your mailing address, and we’ll work out payment method (check, money order, Venmo, etc).

$13, plus $4 shipping (if not local delivery).

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  1. Tony Rollo says:

    Congratulations on the continuing success of your book !

  2. Jonas VanDerLey says:

    I’m glad you’re striking out on your own, everyone has the ability to communicate with God but so few use it and some need a little guidance. There none so blind of those who can’t see as those who won’t see, God is always with us it’s up to us reach out.

  3. Elaine G Meade says:

    Jim thank you for your comments regarding our son Steven Meade. Deeply appreciated.

    By chance was your father in the navy.
    My husband James Meade had a best friend with your last name.

    Elaine meade

    • Jim Sandman says:

      Hi Elaine, sorry for my delayed reply. Yes, my father William Sandman served in the Navy in WWII.
      Does your husband remember his Sandman friend’s first name? or anything else about him?
      He must be a distant cousin of mine.
      Jim Sandman

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