Book Review – Emma D.

“Is there really a place where everything is beautiful, with no sorrow, no pain, and especially no death? If God possessed superpowers while He was on earth, could we too possess superpowers just like Him? And as weird as it may sound, is there really such a thing called eternal sex?

“These are just some of the intriguing questions that the readers might know about upon reading this book. It behooves everyone to stop thinking about material things and focus on heavenly things which thieves cannot steal, and moths can’t destroy. This book completely captivated my heart, and I’m glad that I found this rare masterpiece. I had so much fun and learned so many things from reading this one. Highly recommended!”

— Emma Dirk

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  1. Barry norgard says:

    Ahoy jim, 2nd quarter issue, page 44, james buke obit, stimson wasnt launched till 1966. James cox obit , maryland wasnt launched till 1992. I’m sure just typo errors but quite obvious, thanks jim.

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