Book Review – Dianna W.

“This book is mind-blowing. Every word gave me eyegasm, if that even applies. A different kind of surge of adrenaline ran through my veins the more I dug through the book and learned new things that I hadn’t heard and read before. The topics were pleasantly delivered and arranged, and I got excited learning that…
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Book Review – Andrew D.

“An absolutely phenomenal little book. Pleasantly surprised. Mr. Jim Sandman writes with passion and humor but also keeps it short and to the point. In all honesty, you can finish reading this book in just a matter of hours if you dedicate your time to it. It’s hard to put down. And I like how…
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Service in the Community

The purpose of USSVI is to perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country that their dedication, deeds, and supreme sacrifice may be a constant source of motivation toward greater accomplishments, and to pledge loyalty and patriotism to the United States of America and…
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Service in the Military

My first assignment, after graduating from Navy boot camp in San Diego (April 1977) was attending schools in electronics, submarine systems, and torpedo/missile fire control system operation and maintenance in Groton, CT. In August 1978, I received orders to my first boat, the USS Bergall SSN-667. It was headed to overhaul at Norfolk Naval Shipyard,…
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About Jim Sandman

About Jim Sandman – James Alan Sandman was born in Richmond, VA (1956), third of four sons. After attending Middlesex H.S. (Saluda, VA) and graduating from Lafayette H.S. (Williamsburg, VA), he served in the U.S. Navy Submarine Service for twenty years, retiring as a Chief Fire Control System Technician (Torpedo/Missile) in 1997, having served on…
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Contact Jim Sandman

Great for gifts of any occasion. To buy a signed copy, contact me with your mailing address, and we’ll work out payment method (check, money order, Venmo, etc). $13, plus $4 shipping (if not local delivery).

About Jim Sandman’s Devotional Book – “Heaven Is Like Eternal Sex”

“Jim Sandman’s creativity takes us way beyond… …the eye-catching title of this book. As I read through these pages, I was drawn deeper into a beautiful and encouraging vision of what is real and lasting; to the kind of hope we all desperately need in this world of confusing and disappointing counterfeits.” – Peter Schmidt,…
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