Book Review – Carol R.

There’s so much to say about this book. For one, it’s full of beautiful illustrations about heaven from the people who experienced near-death situations. Next, the author rightfully backed them up with profound verses found in the Bible. Finally, this book also included some profound philosophies from eminent writers, poets, and philosophers.

It made me realize how great God’s love is for us. This book rekindles our slumbering faith and motivates us for something greater. Something that no man can take away from us. But the best is not yet stated. The most amazing and surprising part of this book is that everything looked real and believable. We should give thanks to the author for making them. Mr. Jim Sandman has convinced me that this is real. And for sure, deep in my heart, I know it is. This is what faith is all about. If you want to get inspired and motivated, a single dose of this book is highly recommended.”

— Carol Roberts

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